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About - Us

hey, welcome to our accommodation. let me introduce ourselves:
Roely and Christian bought this old farmhouse some years ago and slowly and ongoing changed it into a climber’s accommodation. A big part of Christian’s climbing life took place in Spanish refugios, like Sant Benet/Montserrat and Siurana, both in Spain but also the Oma Eichler camping site in the Frankenjura.
This friendly and uncomplicated way of meeting other climbers from all over the world gave birth to our plans of establishing our accommodation here in the northern part of the Frankenjura.

Roely is dutch from origin and was therapist for working with mental handicapped people as well alternative therapy.
Christian is educated in sculptural arts but also crafts like traditional masoning, woodworking and ecological building technics. He started climbing in 1983 and is still exploring the Franconian forest for new boulders and spots to add to the already vast amount of boulders and climbing possibilities in the Frankenjura.

Our three dogs are friendly but do like their peace…so please just let them be.
Mira, Bulgarian asylum-dog: the black one is more into guarding cattle in the mountains than to entertain climbers..not to bribe in any way
Monda, Spanish asylum-dog: the brown one is humans best friend.
Sammy, the little one...new small and lovely